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🎉 Welcome to episode 17 of The Upgrading Women Newsletter 

I’m your editor, Rebecca Leppard, a feminist and communications nerd who has way too many business ideas and actually did some of them: from selling homemade almond milk to running a Montessori-inspired play group.

And because of that I have empathy and admiration for women who hustle. I’m so happy that entrepreneurship has become so popular that there’s no more shame in selling cupcakes as a side business to your 9 to 5 job.

I used to resell synthetic eyelashes while maintaining my cushy corner-office job and people were confused about that. “Your six-figure salary is not enough, Rebecca?”

No, true entrepreneurship is rarely about the money. It’s mainly about: solving problems and supporting the ecosystem.

That’s why I am shamelessly plugging my new business, which is still in beta mode: Girl Brand, and I’m inviting you, my inner circle, to join as testers next Thursday, 5 October at 9am to 11am British Summer Time, GRATIS!

It’s a two-hour immersive co-working session 🤼‍♀️
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Just reply to this and I’ll send you the invite.
Keep it simple and now scroll on this episode, ladies. ✌🏽

What happened recently: Tennessee elected its first transgender woman

Taylor Swift’s home state listened to her message to go and vote. A couple of weeks later Nashville elected Olivia Hill into Metro Council. 🥁

Source: The Tennessean

British Vogue appointed its first Black female editor

Photo from Chioma’s Instagram page

BBC reported fashion journalist and podcaster Chioma Nnadi has been named as the new head of editorial content at British Vogue. She will become the first black female head of the industry-leading fashion title, which also has outlets in the US, France and Italy. Slaaay! 💅🏿

Maya Turner became the first female to play in U Sport’s regular season of 🏈 football

Photo from Maya’s Instagram page

Maya Turner became the first-ever female player to play — and score — in a University Sports American football game in Canada. The University of Manitoba Bisons player also kicked the game-winning field goal in double overtime. Surprised and not surprised 😎

Update from around the world:
Bhutan increased its snow leopard numbers by 39.5%

Actual footage of the sightings report

National Snow Leopard Survey 2022-2023 reported the presence of 134 snow leopards. This represents a 39.5% increase from the Bhutan’s first survey in 2016. Other key observations from the survey were the evidence of habitat overlap between snow leopards and other large carnivores like tiger and common leopard, plus the recording of a new deer species to Bhutan, the White-lipped deer/Thorold's deer. This report just gave me a sense of hope. 🌱

Somalia’s all-female newsroom is making waves 🏄🏼‍♀️

From SWJ’s Facebook page

Launched in 2022, Somali Women Journalist Organisation is going strong. Led by one of the few female senior news producers in the country, the team of six will produce content for TV, radio and online media on issues such as gender-based violence, women in politics and female entrepreneurs.

We want to cover these issues and challenge societal beliefs that women should stay at home.

Nasrin Mohamed Ibrahim

They are now training more journalists all over the country from Mahas to Mogadishu. This training is designed for media practitioners in covering traumatic incidents and how to cope with the long-term impact of such reporting. It has been the first of its kind to raise journalists’ awareness of the complexity of survivors' trauma experiences, the impact on themselves as reporters and their audience.

This tweet (X post?) by Sara Wahedi 😎🎤 

A message from a communications nerd:
You can’t and shouldn’t fool Google

It was only a few months ago that we (SEO writers) all screamed, “Yay for ChatGPT” and today Google confirms that it will now ignore “How-to”-rich content.

So what are we going to do, you ask. Here’s some recommendations:
🧘🏻‍♀️ Truly empathise with your customer persona. What occurred in their mind that prompted them to search on Google. Is it really how to do something or would they try find the best tool to do the thing?

🧘🏻‍♀️ Convenience is the most sought-after benefit in any product or service (and people are willing to pay premium for this) so think about keywords that will represent that feature. Remember, “near me” is still a popular search term.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Genuinely help your audience. Buying intent is high on search platforms so they are likely about to make a decision, not just window shopping. Find out what will make or break the deal and write about this to answer their objections or dilemma. Those who can end the analysis paralysis win!

The most important is quality. It’s always quality. And I think externally, people don’t necessarily want to believe it, but the quality, that’s the biggest driver for most of the indexing and crawling decisions that we make.

Gary Illyes, Google’s Search Relations

Oh, in case you’re in search of smart, kind, empathetic marketers who genuinely want to help you communicate your message better, check us out. In the meantime, you’re invited to apply for eBay’s Circular Fashion Fund.

eBay in partnership with The British Fashion Council

💰 A woman AND a neurodivergent?

Mentra’s got you! Mentra is a neurodivergent-friendly talent platform that intelligently matches neurodiverse individuals with employers that value their strengths. Mentra puts recruiters in front of candidates rather than forcing them to navigate through the challenging process of finding a job. How? Through humanistic AI and community-driven design.

The US-based startup, whose three co-founders are all autistic, is helping large enterprises hire employees with cognitive differences such as autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The future of work is indeed neurodiverse!

Irish university to offer Social Media Influencing Degree

BBC reported that it is due to welcome its first cohort of students in September 2024. Say what you want about influencers but the business model is not going anywhere. Now what can we learn from this?

Content is the way to convert. We know this to be true since Jesus delivered the world’s first Ted talk aka Sermon on the Mount.

You can either pay for influencers to create the content or you create your own content and own your audience

You can outsource or you can DIY but there’s no way of avoiding content creation for your brand

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👆🏾 I’m in, girl 🤍

How she’s done it 💅🏿

She was born in 1936.
She is a mother of one.
She studied mathematics.
She is NASA’s first software engineer.
She cofounded Higher Order Software and Hamilton Technologies.
She was mentored by Florence Long, the head of the math department in Earlham College
She developed software for predicting weather in 1961 and when she moved project, she mentored Ellen Fetter to be her replacement.
She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from president Barack Obama for her work leading to the development of on-board flight software for NASA's Apollo Moon missions.
Her name is Margaret Hamilton.

When I first came up with the term (software engineering), no one had heard of it before, at least in our world. It was an ongoing joke for a long time. They liked to kid me about my radical ideas. It was a memorable day when one of the most respected hardware gurus explained to everyone in a meeting that he agreed with me that the process of building software should also be considered an engineering discipline, just like with hardware. Not because of his acceptance of the new 'term' per se, but because we had earned his and the acceptance of the others in the room as being in an engineering field in its own right.

Margaret Hamilton

💼 That is proof that you CAN create your own job.
📍Mentorship paid forward for the next woman is golden.
🐣 You can choose to ignore the nay-sayers and slay anyway!

Inspect her 📲 gadget: CapCut

For the longest time I have CapCut app on my phone but never used it because I cannot stand editing videos on a tiny screen! As of this week, I’ve been spending time editing on CapCut on desktop that Canva is a bit jealous.

So what can you do with CapCut video editor?
🎬 auto-generate subtitle
🎬 remove video background
🎬 transcribe in different languages
🎬 convert text files into natural voiceovers

Get creatin’!

What to enjoy next week

📕You Are a Badass Every Day by Jen Sincero
Read this book to smash that inner critic. That’s it.

🎙 Beyond the Scenes from The Daily Show with Roy Wood Jr.
The only sane way to consume current affairs news is on The Daily Show. And because it’s a tight 30-minute show there are many issues that I would have loved to hear more about but couldn’t. Until this podcast came out and allowed us to “double click” on the subject matters.

🍿 The Chair created by Amanda Peet, starring Sandra Oh
I don’t like romantic comedy but this one is an exception. It highlights many feminist issues in from adopting as a single mother to female leadership and metoo movements in a messy, nuanced story line. The scenes, the dialogues, the locations, just beautifully done!

Was it worth a read?

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